Out of Sorts

So I have this wild, wacky feeling that the Monster’s still on the sick-side of things.

Granted, he’s clearly now without a fever and the like, but this was the second morning in a row that he’s been uncooperative and uncommunicative at breakfast time.  It goes beyond yesterday’s comment on not understanding what he wants – today was a meltdown that seemingly started from the moment he got out of bed.

I mean, okay, yes.  I don’t want to get up a lot of mornings either.  That doesn’t give me leave, however, to be fussy and yelling and uncooperative with my family when they’re trying to get out the door so they can get on with their lives.

Granted, I was tending to the baby for a lot of it, so I had not realized what I was walking into when I got downstairs – him sitting at the foot of the stairs, half-dressed, and just incomprehensible.  It took wrestling to get him back to the dining room table to eat, and then trying to figure out what he was actually willing to put down.  This was also one of the rare times where 1-2-3 Magic doesn’t really work, since he’s not in a mode where he’s even able to modify his behavior to comply with the system.

By the time I figured out what would calm him down – in this case, giving him oatmeal to eat and lots of hugs – it was nearly time to get him out the door to the school bus.  He seemed like he was in something reasonably close to a normal mood by the time I got him onto the bus, so I have hopes that his teacher shouldn’t have too big of an issue with him today.  And the only thing that I can come up with is that he’s still feeling under the weather and it’s biasing how he’s willing to struggle through communications with us.

Since he’s not going to school tomorrow – we have a behavioral analysis for him at lunchtime – maybe we’ll do the Proloquo thing tonight instead of working on homework…

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