More Hit Than Miss

For the last two whole days, the Monster has been living in a single set of underwear.

As I write this, he’s finally had to be changed – we finally had a miss after going more than forty-eight hours without a single accident.  This has been through going out of the house to various places, to school and back, and even through the overnight hours.

I’m not unrealistic to think that this means he’s really good and toilet-trained, but more that perhaps we’ve been lucky with catching him before we have any accidents.  This has, however, included going through football and just being cognizant of when he’s trying to give us signals that he needs some attention.  The fact that we’re getting obviously enough of a cue to get him there in time has been a nice change, if not only for having to change pull-ups constantly which is never a pleasant concept.

And I will give him some credit – at least a few of the occasions, he has on his own either gone over to the baby gate that blocks the stairs to the powder room, or he’s said something to the extent of needing to go to the bathroom.  He may well be getting some awareness of when he needs to go, and that’s a very good thing.

Now just to figure out when it’s safe for us to switch him over fully to real underwear…

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