Tomorrow is picture day at the Monster’s school.

This isn’t anything new for him, since he’s had picture day at camp and nursery school before now.  So this is perhaps the fourth or fifth time when he’s gone before the cameras to get snapped.

For once, this is going to be in the context of a special-needs class, where one imagines that the teachers have a good idea of how to try to get his attention focused on the camera.  We’ve had a good number of pictures taken where he’s not quite looking cognizant as to what he’s supposed to be doing.

The funny part to me is that he’s actually not camera shy.

I think the real issue is that there’s so much vying for his attention that he’s not necessarily aware of the fact that he’s supposed to be looking at the camera.  We have cues we use – counting down and making very sure he’s aware of where the camera is – but it’s not something that’s easily conveyed to the school or camp to let them know how best to get him to pose for the camera.  I am hoping his teacher’s figured this one out on her own, and we’ll see of what comes of it.

Of course, the other fun part is that he needs a haircut today.  So I came downstairs this morning to hear my wife going over the haircutting process in Model Me Kids‘s Going Places.  (They can be found on Twitter too as @modelmekids.)  Granted, she’s using the free app that’s available in the iTunes store, but the story flow is good for getting him ready to go there, and perhaps not to cut his hair himself.  He’s gone twice perhaps to the barber to get himself trimmed, and while the first time seemed more traumatic for him, the second was moreso for the wife.  (The Monster had sheared off a good few inches in front on his own.)

No decision yet on which of us is going to take him, but… we’ll see.

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