Slow and Steady

So this weekend was quieter than most of the recent ones, as I’ve made reference to before.  We didn’t have anywhere exciting to be, but rather were largely around the house when we weren’t at synagogue.

For the most part, this meant that we also didn’t have major meltdowns, aside from the one at shul when I decided it wasn’t the right time for the Monster to be running around like a crazy person.  (I’d have been content to let him run around, save that he was running into the main sanctuary, where the microphones were likely still on.)

This also meant plenty of time to try to stick to the toileting schedule.

Now, we’re making some progress I think, slowly but surely.  This is the major thing besides communication that I worry about these days, since his ability to use the bathroom properly definitely would make travelling and daily life easier.

This morning, he gave me zero trouble about getting up and going with me straight away to the potty, and we started off the day with a success.  Add to that the fact that he was dry when I got him out of his room, and we’re starting off things on the right foot.  This follows on the heels of four successful trips yesterday.

The biggest issues as I see it are:

  • He’s not always in the mood to interrupt what he’s doing to go to the bathroom.
  • It’s not clear if he’s aware of what it feels like when he needs to go, or if he’s communicating it in a way we’re not grasping.

As I mentioned in the last few days, we might just have to get some more training briefs and resolve that we’re going to have to deal with messes, to see if that helps with anything.  My gut is telling me that the pull-ups we have him in are feeling too much like diapers to him, and he’s accustomed to just going when he feels like it when it’s a diaper.  It would also keep things consistent with what his teacher’s doing at school, and we can put him in a pull-up and plastic pants for the bus ride in.  (This assumes that we continue to be successful first thing in the morning, so there’s a good chance that he’ll be dry when he gets there.)

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