Short Snips

Just a few short things today – nothing really occurred to me as ‘important’ to be talking about for the moment, so just slice-of-life kind of things.

Apparently, this morning, the Monster informed his mother that he needed to go potty when she came to get him from bed.  Or, more specifically, “got poop” or something to that effect.  And, lo and behold, when she got him to the bathroom, he had indeed done so.  It’d be nice if we had forewarning and could get him to the potty before he went, but at least he’s now telling us sometimes that he’s gone.

On that note, last night, his grandfather got him to go to the potty while we were out.  I’m now entirely convinced that he’s just more cooperative for the potty with anyone else BUT his parents….

The city’s come to the conclusion that they can’t find a replacement bus for the Monster to go to school – as I referred to last night on the tweet feed, they sent me (electronically) a letter from the CEO of schools informing us that they’ll be arranging taxicab service to get him to the school.  Another child in his class has similar arrangements, leading the wife to ask if (since said second child lives relatively close by) they couldn’t just arrange for the same cab to come get both kids.  I think that’s probably more an issue of not having two carseats in one cab…  And no idea when they’ll switch over.  I assume they’ll call us first or send us better information.

This weekend should be interesting – tomorrow is the first time both the wife and I are reading Torah on the same day (and the first time since the baby was born for me, in fact, IIRC).  It was arranged with an aliyah between our readings, so that we can swap places in the quiet room or in the pews as necessary.  I’m suspecting we’ll still be in the quiet room.  Plus, it’s the first time in years that she’s read.  While I’m probably also going to go back to gabbai duties soon, this should be a good first-time run to see how the Monster behaves when we’re swapping around, especially if on some future date, I gabbai while she’s reading.


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