This is the third week of the Monster’s public schooling.

The bussing issue seems to be resolved for the time being – we haven’t had any repeats of the obscenely long bus-rides AM or PM.  (I do know the bus was late, by 5 minutes, one morning this week to the school, but that’s not bad considering they were 20 minutes late here.)  I’m “content” that this has been resolved, or that I can start turning the screws again to get it fixed.

Our new problem?  Not enough information.

According to his IEP, we’re supposed to have a “daily communication log” from his teachers.  His “regular” teacher (a special educator), Ms. A, is doing a decent job of reaching out to us nearly daily, perhaps 3-4 days a week.  She’s keeping us up to date on his progress with toileting and with some of the modifications she’s making to his homework to compensate for what he does and doesn’t know.  We don’t, however, know what else is going on during the day, what activities he has, etc.  That’s probably at least partially our fault for not asking, but it’s something we can rectify tomorrow night when we have Back To School Night.

On the other hand, his OT and speech therapist haven’t even contacted us once.  We have no idea if the IEP is being lived up to, if there’s any issues with how they work with him, if there’s anything we can do to help them with what they’re doing with the Monster, etc.  Nothing.  Zip.  I’ve reached out by email and had nothing back – again, this is something I can deal with tomorrow night at Back To School Night, but I’d rather go into this with some information.

From where I stand, there’s no excuse for their not following through on this – as Willy Wonka once said, “It’s all there! Black and white, clear as crystal!”.  (I’d quote the funny Latin too, but you get the point.)  We’re not asking for a play by play of his day.  We’re asking for relevant information and decent updates on our son’s progress so we know what we can do to reinforce what they’re doing and *gasp* maybe someday get the Monster mainstreamed.

So, for those of you going though the same thing – how have you made sure the school and staff are living up to communication requirements in an IEP?

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