One of the things that comes with going to public preschool is homework.

This is the first time the Monster’s had homework assigned on a regular basis.  This is, therefore, something unfamiliar to him and we’re still working out how best to handle it.

On Tuesday, when the first packet came home, the wife waited until it was nearly bedtime to work on it.  This is a Bad Idea – by the time we get to bedtime, he’s cranky and fussy and ready just to go lie down.  With how the bus comes when it feels like, and the fact that he’s not a morning person anyway, I suggested we move homework to right after school like any normal family.

So I handled homework with him yesterday.

I had to bribe him with goldfish crackers, but we worked our way through it before dinner.  And granted, this was something he’s good at – letters and numbers.  But it highlighted what we’ve been emphasizing with his OT with regards to his grip – he doesn’t have a sufficiently good grip with his hand on his crayon to actually write or do more than scribble.

Today’ll be day three of the homework, but I’m just hoping that the OT specialist will contact us so that we can discuss our concerns…

And in that respect, I’m still not quite happy.  Yes, the teacher’s emailing us almost every night per the IEP, but I haven’t even the names of the speech therapist or OT therapist or their email addresses.  If I don’t have them by tomorrow, I’m going to have to reach out to the principal since I’ve already asked the teacher for them twice.

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