Summer Adventures

Now that I’m back from my business trip, we’re getting into our summer schedule with the Monster.

Because we weren’t given ESY, we’ve arranged for some summer therapy to take the place of what the city should be offering.  Fortunately, my company gives us excellent insurance and it covers enough speech and OT that I don’t have to shell out much from my own pocket.  (That said, I’ll actually be hitting my out-of-pocket maximum this year anyway, much of that due to the birth of child #2… but it’s encouragement to see if another plan would suit us better.)  To ensure that he gets everything he needs and appropriate social interactions, this is going to entail a lot of running around. Continue reading

Parallel Play

Today’s my last day on my business trip – it’ll be good to get back home so I can play with the kids.

But on that topic.  While I’ve been away, my wife arranged for a playdate for the Monster to entertain him, seeing as this is the gap week between school and camp.  Two children his own age came over to play, while she was social with their mother. Continue reading


Last night was the first time that we’ve tried to use Skype while I’ve been traveling.

He really loves technology – he can use an iPad or iPod without too much trouble, and he loves to play with our Nooks.  It’s not too difficult for him to get into the books or games he wants to play at any given time.  But to date, we’ve kept him off of our computers. Continue reading


I mentioned in my prior post that I had a minor issue when I took the Monster to the park on Saturday.  This isn’t a new problem and it’s one that I’ve heard from more than a few parents with kids with an ASD.

The Monster likes to roam.  Specifically, he likes to wander/walk/run off when it suits him, without giving warning as to when/where he’s going. Continue reading

New Ink

Having gotten used to the fact that the Monster’s use of language is very literal, it’s a bit surprising when he takes a flying leap off into something more imaginative.  As I’ve discussed in earlier writings, he’s got this great tendency to either describe his surroundings or get caught up in what he wants, rather than letting his mind wander.

A good example is the ADOS – he knows the concept of a birthday party, and so he can do the birthday party game fairly well when presented with it, but given the dolls and things of a similar nature at home, he wouldn’t generally put them together into that format unless we prompt him to do it. Continue reading


We live in a culture where everyone decorates their cars with their personal causes.  In years like this one, political bumper stickers abound.  In the neighborhood where we live, religious themed bumper stickers are more commonly seen.  All over town, you see magnetic decals for sports teams and pet causes.

It’s against that backdrop that the wife and I have been debating whether or not we should put something for autism on our cars. Continue reading

…Or I’ll Turn This Car Around!

I’ve been around children enough to know that they’re going to be a handful at various times.  I spent most Saturday nights during my teenaged years babysitting for a family around the corner (and I don’t count when I used to watch my sibs because, frankly, one’s own sibs are going to be enough of a handful when you’re left in charge), and I’ve been around friends’ children enough.  Plus, my mother was a nursery school teacher, which gave me ample opportunity to see how children around the Monster’s age act. Continue reading

Make It So, Number One

There comes a point in every child’s life that there has to be a drastic change made to the daily procedure.  It usually involves that point where parents are getting majorly frayed and tired of the status quo, and where it’s time for the child to start taking more responsibility for themselves.

No, I’m not talking college graduation and moving out into the world, or even high school graduation and getting ready for college.  I’m talking toilet training. Continue reading