Going Fourth

When I was a kid, like almost everyone else in our country, I used to go somewhere to see the fireworks.

Ironically, for us, the issue is actually not the Monster, because he loves fireworks.  The issue is R, who can’t stay up that late routinely if we’re going to want him to be useful the next day. Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the doctor yelled at me again about my weight, and added my blood pressure onto the list to boot.  Since then, I’ve been working a lot more on trying to be healthy.

As those who follow my tweet feed know, I’m walking somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles a day.  (Depends on if I’m jogging at all, if I get started earlier rather than later, and generally how I’m feeling vis-a-vis breathing any particular morning.)  I’m also doing a few other things to try to bolster my health in general, like drinking more water and trying to (further) cut my food intake, since we all know that upping output and lowering input is the only way to really lose weight. Continue reading