Breaking It Down

As you’ve all noticed, no doubt, I’m hardly shy about the fact that the Monster has Autism.

The biggest obstacle I’ve seen is really the fact that Autism is invisible – it’s not like a lot of disabilities where the matter is visible to anyone who can see the affected person.  Because the Monster (usually) looks like a happy, healthy boy, folks just assume he’s normal until he does something that’s “not normal”. Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Several times over the last two years, I’ve made comments about how claims made by various parties are untrue.  But let’s be honest – some claims, be they from the anti-vaxers or PETA, seem to be backed up with what looks like credible scientific research.

Many of these papers are not the conclusive scientific proof that their supporters claim.  But how can one tell what is good research and what is not? Continue reading