More Parents’ Days?

So… as you all know, I hang out on Twitter an awful lot.  One of the other parents I follow posted a link to an article discussing whether or not we should have a parents’ day for special needs parents…

Well, let’s be honest.  The article is a compilation of thoughts based on a Facebook post about whether we should have one, with reactions from parents as well.

So my thoughts? Continue reading

Baby Steps Forward

So, followers of my tweet feed already know that my family took a day-trip yesterday – I’ll write a review tomorrow on that.  However, most notably, we made it through most of the day without a bathroom accident on the Monster’s part.

In both cases, though, there was a definite step forward in a minor way – he verbally told us that he had to go. Continue reading

False Envy

I’ve had a few folks tell me lately, especially when they see I’m more active online in the evenings, that they’re jealous that my kids are in bed so early.

And truthfully – the Monster is usually in bed by 7:30, and R shortly thereafter.  It’s a good thing… kind of. Continue reading

Hot Dog is a Baloney

One of the things that I’ve noticed most with the Monster’s verbal issues is the way he perserverates on certain phrases, even when they don’t make sense.

We had an incident, a while back, where he was repeating something that sounded like Spanish, but wasn’t anything I could decipher.  It turned out it was echolalia just churning back something he’d misheard from a Dora the Explorer game, once we heard the source and matched the cadence with what he was saying.

And then there’s the times where it’s genuine nonsense, and we’ve no idea what he’s trying to say. Continue reading